Exchange programs

The teacher exchange program at Al Muntazir School under the T&D department aims to share best practices with sister schools within East Africa and aims to expand knowledge sharing and skill based competency. 

The Teacher Exchange Program, like all exchanges, is intended to provide participants with broad exposure to a different culture and society, and to foster greater appreciation among teachers of the participants’ home countries. Specifically, teacher exchanges prepare educators to shape young people into positive agents of change. Participating teachers bring interactive teaching practices to their students and colleagues, building the critical thinking skills, inquiry, and analytical approach that foster good citizenship. A typical teacher exchange participant can be expected to influence at least 1,000 students and 50 colleagues during his or her career, creating a powerful multiplier effect. 

The objectives of the exchange program 

  • Expanding and enriching the teacher’s pedagogical expertise 
  • Share samples of teaching and learning resources for the curriculum 
  • Provide an opportunity to teachers to learn from a different teaching environment 
  • Extend the experience and provide benefit to staff and students for involvement in dissemination of different approaches in teaching and learning. 

Primary School exchange  

The core subjects departments of Math, English and Science were the first to engage in the exchange between 16th and 27th May 2022.  

Teachers engaged in lesson observations and demonstrations in both schools throughout the week. They shared notes and best practices through peer feedback towards the end of the exchange which would set the tone for fostering a radical shift in Primary teaching methodology through student engagement 

Nairobi Jaffery Academy teachers had an opportunity to attend Cambridge Preparing to Teach training organized by Al Muntazir facilitated by Mr. Simon- Senior International Education Advisor and Teacher Trainer Cambridge University Press 

The teachers at Nairobi Jaffery Academy also participated in workshops conducted by Mrs. Zainab Parpia from Al Muntazir school where all Nursery, Primary and Secondary teachers were supported for their Professional development in learner engagement and best practices. 

The team of teachers from Nairobi Jaffery Academy facilitated a workshop for the teachers of Social Studies and Kiswahili at Al Muntazir, they shared their teaching & learning journey in promoting learner engagement in the classroom. 

We realize that Teacher educators have a crucial role to play in maintaining – and improving – the quality of the teaching workforce. The provision of high quality continuous professional development is a significant factor in ensuring that teachers possess and maintain the relevant competences they require to be effective in today’s classrooms.  

The exchange program was fruitful and rich in information, positive feedback and motivation. All teachers had an open mind and were ready to learn and grow irrespective of the few challenges shared and we look forward to the next exchange program. 

We acknowledge the wholehearted and successful participation of the following teachers; 

Ms. Aliya Rattansi – English Head Of Department – Boys Primary School 

Mr. Jamal Mjili – Math Head Of Department – Boys Primary School 

Mr. Sali Selemani – Science Teacher – Girls Primary School 

Mr. Isaiah Atela – Primary Head (Math Teacher)  – NJA 

Mr. Amos Waweru – Science Teacher – NJA 

Ms. Susan Macheru – English Teacher – NJA